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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Welcome to Our Adoption Blog!  

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about our family!!!

We are a happy, dynamic, loving family of three that have been blessed immensely by the gift of adoption.
We are excited to continue our adoption journey and hope this blog can be of service to you as you consider the best options for the future of your little one.  Whatever decisions you make, know that we love and support you and are grateful you took some time to consider the gift of adoption.

 If you are an expectant parent considering adoption, we expect you are feeling a wide range of emotions and we honor you so much for considering your different options.  Please take a moment to read our "dear expectant parents" tab, as it was written from our hearts, for you.
We sincerely think you are amazing and hope that by utilizing this blog to paint a picture of our lives, we can somehow help you along your journey.  

We are home-study certified, which essentially means that the State has agreed we can provide a safe environment and optimistic future for a child.  We are working with Forever Bound Adoption Agency to facilitate our adoption and they have great resources for expectant parents.  We have a family video, printable booklet, and this blog available for you so you can gain thorough insight as to what your child's life would look like within our family.  We would happily accept children of various races/ethnicities and health conditions.   We would also be thrilled to consider the adoption of twins or sibling groups.  For specific questions, please contact us.

We are ExCiTeD to announce that our profile with ForeverBound Adoption Agency is live!  Follow this link for additional photos/information and a video that highlights our family life and journey to adoption (video also posted below).  http://www.foreverboundadoption.org/families/#/profile/ryanandtanya

We believe love makes a family and we have very warm feelings toward openness in adoptionWe communicate with our daughter's birthmother as much as she feels comfortable with, are connected to her through social media, and would be compassionate to whatever level of openness and contact you desire with your little one at the various stages of his/her life.  We hope to learn more about you soon; to share in your hopes for yourself, your baby and the future.
Given the privilege, we would certainly look forward to incorporating you and your loved ones into our family.

Please feel free to email us if you have any more questions 

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